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California University of Business and Technology (CUBT) was founded in 1990 and is committed to meet the needs of qualified and innovative professional men and women from all areas of business, industry, education and the helping professions. The University has since continued to prepare students to meet the challenges of the growing educational needs of the communities by building their competence in areas critical to their success in today's ever changing social and work environments.

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California University of Business and Technology (CUBT) is granted institutional approval by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, State of California. All of the Degree Programs offered by CUBT have been reviewed, evaluated and approved pursuant to The Private Postsecondary and Education Act of 2009. The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education serves as the State Agency responsible for approval and regulation of all



 Prospective applicants should contact the Office of Student Services for detailed procedures and information and documents required for admission and form I-20. The Admission Committee will perform vigorous evaluation to determine whether the applicant has an adequate command of the English language in order to assure and increase the applicant's potential for successful completion of an academic program with the University.