Campus Library


Welcome to the CUBT Campus Library.

The CUBT library is air-conditioned, quiet, and condusive to learning.

It offers a wide collection of books, magazines, videos and other learning materials for students. It has an assortment of computers, study tables, printers, scanners, and copiers that provide basic library services to its patrons.
The library holds items in the general areas of study as well as specific fields in Management, Education and Computer studies.

During regular school hours, students can use the library facilities as often as they like. In the event that a library resource is needed by multiple students, the librarian can schedule access per student. Print and copy services are [free of charge].

Students can borrow a maximum of [4] books at a time for a period of [1] week per book. Each student is provided with a library card they can use to borrow books and use of the library facilities and services. Students and university staff can also reserve books and library facilities ahead of time.

The in-campus library provides the following services:

  1. Borrowing of books, magazines and other library materials.
  2. Use of the library facilities for reading and studying.
  3. Use of library computers for reading and research.
  4. Copy, scan, and print services.


All library matters and concerns can be addressed by the designated librarian.