California University of Business and Technology (CUBT) was founded in 1990 and is committed to meet the needs of qualified and innovative professional men and women from all areas of business, industry, education and the helping professions. The University has since continued to prepare students to meet the challenges of the growing educational needs of the communities by building their competence in areas critical to their success in today's ever changing social and work environments.

Whether you have graduated from high school and/or college, or are a mid-career professional, CUBT has a program that will accommodate your individual needs. If you have just been thinking about it, take action now! Join the growing number of CUBT graduates whose educational dreams have become realities.



California University of Business and technology (CUBT) was conceptualized in 1990, when its founder, had observed many “forgotten” students of high potential who had been denied to complete their degree dreams due to interruption by the burden of financial supports, some by the marriage of not continuing studies in school, and even  some by being forced out by schools for arguable reasons. In 1996, having received an initial approval by the California Bureau for Private Post secondary and Vocational Education, CUBT became a reality to provide innovative, quality university level career education through instructions to individuals to complete their professional degrees in a manner consistent with expected standards supportive of their current lifestyles.   Since 2000, CUBT has been authorized under federal law to enroll international students from over forty five different countries. At CUBT, students can achieve their personal, educational and professional goals and objectives within a reasonable period of time.



California University of Business and Technology (CUBT) is committed to advancing academic excellence in quality university-level career education by utilizing hybrid instructional methodologies and offering personalized support services for cognitive skills and learning styles that help individuals of a diverse student population who may not have regular access to career advancement programs to complete an appropriate academic degree in a manner consistent with expected standards and supportive of their current lifestyles and to successfully meet their academic and professional growth goals.

We regard learning as a lifelong process, and strive to provide an education that will stimulate and challenge the development of intellectual, analytical and critical abilities, and further will enable students to live productive lives while achieving a balance between self-fulfillment and service to others. Students at CUBT are encouraged to think critically with sensitivity to the human community and the ethics of the biosphere and competitive global arena.